Critter Cart

This is a photo of the main control card that will become the brains of the EED (environmental enrichment device). Once completed, this will control the shower, feeder, fan and music features. The aviary cart will now be called “Critter Cart”. This is being built for ZooTampa and can be wheeled throughout the zoo.

Cheyenne setting off the environmental enrichment device (EED)

This video is from delivery day April 19. There was a zookeeper with us at all times.

We have visited the Brevard Zoo many times since EED delivery. Zookeepers and volunteers have told us that both Brody and Cheyenne are learning how to enjoy and use the EED. We visited on Memorial Day and saw Brody set off the motion sensor which turned on the blower to scatter plain popcorn in the habitat. We were happy to see Brody forage for the popcorn!

Our current project – an Aviary EED for ZooTampa

This environmental enrichment device (EED) will consist of a metal cart that can be moved about ZooTampa to showcase their animal ambassador birds.

There will be perches for the birds made from pvc and then covered with a type of epoxy used in animal habitats. The perches will resemble branches. The birds will be able to activate recessed buttons to choose a water spray, sound/music, breeze from a small fan or a food dispenser. Don learned to weld just so he could build the cart!