Critter Cart (birds & aviary use)

Birds/Aviary Enrichment (location ZooTampa, Tampa, FL)

Critter Cart Video!

Here’s a quick video that our friend Terri made. She did a great job describing the features of the “critter cart” we are designing and building for Zoo Tampa. Thank you Terri!

Critter Cart progress

Here’s a photo that shows some of the main perch uprights in place.

We tested the fan that will be implemented into one of the perch stands.

This video is a test of the sound/speakers for the critter cart.

Critter Cart Update

Sound test today. The speakers are in, and the bird chirp sounds work. There is still more work to be done. We are happy that the all the intricate wiring in the control panel “brains” works! We are designing/building this Environmental enrichment device (EED) for ZooTampa

This cart is being built for ZooTampa to use in their aviaries and also with their winged animal ambassadors. The cart can be wheeled throughout the zoo or kept in one of the aviary habitats.

Here are some recent photos of the progress. Everything has been designed, wired and cut by hand.

There will be perches for the birds. The birds will be able to activate recessed buttons to choose a water spray, sound/music, breeze from a small fan or a food dispenser.

Sound check!