How to help while shopping online with SHOP RAISE

As you may have heard, Amazon Smiles ended their program months ago.  
GREAT NEWS “SHOP RAISE” comes to the rescue

CLICK HERE ShopRaise Landing Page for Animal Enrichment Systems

We found a great replacement, Shop Raise which is free to use that donates a portion of every purchase to our nonprofit (you can just type in Animal Enrichment Systems, or any charity name in the search area) . Shop Raise has a list of 100’s of popular merchants (Walmart, Home Depot, Chewy, Lowes, etc)

You set up an account (you will be a “supporter”), download the ap on your phone or deskop and choose from the list of merchants.    Animal Enrichment systems will get a check each time the percentage of donations hit $50.  You get an email saying thank you for supporting your cause.

How ShopRaise works video link –

BONUS::;;From Shop Raise: Take advantage of the NEW PROMOTION this fall to help your organization raise more! ShopRaise will make a $5.00 Bonus Donation* to your organization when your supporters shop using the ShopRaise app for their first or next order of $50.00 or more. This is in addition to the retailer contribution (one per supporter). This is a limited time offer. 

Remember to use Shop Raise each time you make an online purchase!