Critter Cart Test 4-20-23

Update: Upon completion of the dual feeder the cart was ready for testing. When the pump for the shower was activated, it caused the feeder to dispense. The root cause of this issue was electromagnetic magnetic interference from the brushes in the pump. In order to correct this issue, the power system was split into two systems one for the controller electronics and the other for the enrichment devices. After splitting the power system, the erroneous triggering was much improved, however, every once in a while, the feeder would trigger (about once every ten minutes). Capacitive noise suppression was added to the pump circuit and that fixed the issue. The cart is now ready to be brought outside for testing (4-20-23)

We tested the ZooTampa Critter Cart today. This has four features: fan, music/bird sounds, food/seed dispenser and water shower/spray